Our Philosophy

Blue Sea Power is bringing together specialized know-how to develop the first made-in-Greece Coastal Floating Power in the form of a Floating Storage Regasification and Power Production Unit (FSRP).

In this endeavour, Blue Sea Power has committed significant internal resources and mobilised global specialists with complementary skillset in order to implement all phases of development of the FSRP, from concept design to construction and deployment.

The FSRP is the first innovative asset brought to market by Blue Sea Power and will be followed by other complementary solutions targeted to the supply chain of LNG/Bio-LBM and H2, as well as modular additions to the basic FSRP concept.

NII Energy Strategy Drivers

Small, Robust & Reliable

  • Utilises proven technologies
  • Secure clean fuel value chain and power supplies

Cost Effective & Repeatable

  • Benign environment using International codes & standards
  • Increased market competitiveness & bankability
  • Faster to market; reducing costs

Low Carbon Flexible Power Supply

  • Flexible power supply complimenting renewable power resources
  • Power generation produced from a range of resource types; Bio-LNG, LNG, Hydrogen

High Efficiency, Emissions Control

  • Leading open & closed cycle generation technologies with optional carbon capture and water production bolt on applications


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