Common vision makes us all one!

Blue Sea Power is based on the ambition to build flexible solutions that would generate power at competitive prices with the best commercially viable environmental footprint. This ambition is shared amongst the company’s leaders who implement all principles of good partnership in order to generate the best possible outcome.

Our expert teams always pursue state-of-the-art technology and practice, engaging with global pioneering organisations and thought-leaders in an attempt to actively contribute to the industry of floating assets of the future.

Our Management and Project team has worked on major onshore and offshore projects and have a clear view of technical, economic, regulatory and environmental challenges for the construction, deployment and operation of FSRPs.

Along with a careful selection of contracting partners, Blue Sea Power guarantees success and leads innovation in the energy field both in the Greek and the global market.

Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is Blue Sea Power to be a leading component of energy transition by making innovative, cost effective and schedule optimized, environmental-friendly energy solutions available to society.

We focus on floating assets and mostly on integrated floating power solutions, that provide rapid deployment coupled with maximum flexibility, reliability and competitive cost. We use a blend of  fuels, which achieves the best mix of environmental footprint whilst maintaining commercial viability.

At Blue Sea Power, we are committed to the Energy Security and originations of our fuels to generate and provide long-term sustainable and secure power to our existing and new markets.

Corporate Values

Blue Sea Power objectives and operations comply with very distinct corporate values:

  • Comply to the strictest available safety standards for every phase of the project’s implementation and operation
  • Develop solutions with best possible environmental footprint, in-line with ESG principles
  • Explore best available practices and technologies and seek to develop solutions that will extend the market’s boundaries
  • Operate under principles and code of ethics while we reinforce teamwork and reward excellence
  • Operate under equal opportunities principles and we always treat with respect our stakeholders
  • Seek to create unique and profitable solution and investment returns, always considering the best of our shareholders and social interest


Blue Sea Power intends to operate in a Global scale but will initially deploy their services to the Greek Market.

Blue Sea Power core services are the following:

  • Power generation with all related sub services (base load, peak, auxiliary hot and cold reserve services, stabilization, and flexibility services.
  • Fuels origination and marketing through its affiliate marketing and trading company
  • Bunkering Services (LNG / Bio-LNG & H2 blending)

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