Blue Sea Power has been incorporated in Greece/EU as an integrated energy solution provider. It focuses on floating assets and particularly floating power generation units with storage and regasification capabilities (FSRP). The company develops solutions and deploys projects all the way from design concept to project execution always maximizing the best mix of available technologies and optimum mix of fuels.

Blue Sea Power develops solutions that will initially be deployed in niche-markets of Greece, but are modular and available to be duplicated and further deployed to any place in the globe. Blue Sea Power operates with LNG/ Bio-LNG and Hydrogen with the mix to gradually shift to the optimum environmentally friendly solutions, while maintaining competitive pricing of power generation.

The roadmap being an energy solution provider has initiated more than 50 years ago, when our family business fabricated steel pipes for the Oil and Gas sector transporting energy between fixed points, introducing and mastering all industry operations and developing innovative production and process solutions. Since then, we entered the LNG/Bio-LNG market, that provides the flexibility both on the origination and deployment of power generation and bunkering services to the maritime and regional economies.

In parallel, in a positive response to global call for environmentally friendly cleaner power generation units, in 2006, we founded Enolia Energy, a RES developer and IPP group of companies, initially involved in Solar PV/CSP and Wind development, permitting, construction and operation. Enolia developed projects in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Thailand and Japan, with more than 500MW and 25 RES IPP M&A transactions with reputable funds and Energy companies.

Blue Sea Power initial project execution will be at the Non-Interconnected Islands of Greece. The proposed solution will provide competitive energy 24hrs a day increasing the RES penetration with significantly lower Green House Gas emissions to local communities, while reducing levies for all Greek consumers. In addition, the development and deployment of the FSRPs will build an LNG/Bio-LNG energy hub with expansion opportunities.

Konstantinos Mitropoulos,
Blue Sea Power CEO

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