Project Execution

4 FSRPs in Aegean Sea Islands

Blue Sea Power S.A. intends to deploy four FSRPs with integrated storage, regasification and power generation units, in order to generate power and provide electricity to the local island complexes. The fuel used will be a blend of LNG/Bio-LBM and H2.

Our plan is to deploy the FSRPs in four Non-Interconnected Islands in order to generate energy in a far more competitive and environmentally friendly manner than the existing set-up, in full compliance with EU directives.


The main FSRP’s characteristics are:

  • Floating and re-deployable FSRP barges are designed to provide continuous uninterrupted power for a period of 30 years. FSRPs will be classed and regulatory compliant with the provisions related to Power Generation and Floating, non-propelled Assets.
  • The FSRP barges store the fuel blend with a total capacity of 7000 and 11000 m3, which allows for an average refueling cycle of 15-days.
  • They incorporate a regasification unit used to convert LNG/Bio-LBM into natural gas (NG) making it ready to use for power generation.
  • The main electrical power generation units achieve high efficiency (over 50%) with capacity in the range of 18 MW to 20 MW. Each FSRP will operate with four-to-six engines with a total nominal capacity of 72/80 MW and 120 MW respectively.
  • The energy generated will be transmitted to the island along an underwater and underground cable compliant with all the security provisions,
  • The FSRPs have a technical design life of 30 years of operation and will initially provide power under the Non-Interconnected islands status and then provide power to the national grid, in full compliance with the regulatory framework provided by RAE and HEDNO and later on IPTO.
  • Each FSRP unit will be moored to approximately 500 to 700 meters from the shore compliant with the highest environmental and social impact requirements and standards.
  • The FSRPs ensure compliance with floating assets rules and international regulations, including international standards and conventions for the vessels flag administration. IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL and other code requirements are applied and monitored and supervision is performed by the global leader, Lloyds Register.
  • The solution which the FSRP barges offer is COP28 compliant whilst significantly supporting the national emissions targets.


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