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Blue Sea Power achieves Approval in Principle on its120MW and 80MW Floating Storage, Regasification and Power (FSRPs) Barges, for its clean energy projects for Kos, Chios, Lesvos & Rhodes Islands.

SINGAPORE, September 8th, 2023: Blue Sea Power, an integrated energy solution company based in Athens, will develop four innovative floating LNG/Bio-LNG-to-power barges (FSRPs), supported by the Class society Lloyd’s Register and the FSRP Barge engineering Contractor Houlder. has completed the FSRP barge designs to a level that where they have been granted approval in principle from the class society, Lloyd’s Register.

The FSRP barges, which are on target to be operational by 2026, will efficiently provide greener, lower emission baseload and peak power to the non-interconnected islands. This power will be used to form a robust Renewable Energy Strategy (RES) in supporting existing renewable solar and wind energy.

Sean Van der Post, LR Global Offshore Director, said: “LR has enjoyed its collaboration with Blue Sea Power Energy, Houlder and their esteemed partners which has culminated in the significant achievement of securing an approval in principle (AiP) for the FSRP design.”

The founding partner and CEO of Blue Sea Power, Konstantinos Mitropoulos, said: “We are pleased to be undertaking this innovative floating power solution project, . We have obtained electricity production licences from the regulator for Kos, Chios, Lesvos and Rhodes we have developed a strong approach to provide all four islands with greener, lower emission power. Houlder an invaluable partner and a team of leading technical expertise in sustainability-centric design and engineering has worked in a practical approach, which complemented the Blue Sea Power project delivery expertise.”

Mark Graham, Blue Sea Power Director of Projects, commented “Whilst the FSRP integrated power barge is a solution that may appear novel in its approach, the power barge utilises proven tried and tested equipment to reduce associated design and construction risks. The FSRP near shore solution along with its modular design and shipyard construction also presents many repeatability benefit opportunities on CAPEX, OPEX and Construction schedule savings.”

Jonathan Strachan, Houlder’s ship design and engineering director, commented: I’m thrilled to share a major in the design development of Houlder’s power barges. Working alongside our Client Blue Sea Power, and partners Rogan, Enoia, Grant Thornton and MAN Energy Solutions, we have achieved Approval in Principle from LR (Lloyd’s Register) for the innovative FSRP projects.

We’re excited about the possibilities these projects hold, and will share more details as the project progresses through future milestones. This is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and teamwork of everyone involved. Thank you to our hardworking team at Houlder and other project partners for our client Blue Sea Power.