FSRPs are integrated, scalable modular power solutions, which are located and moored near the coast in shallow waters. The Power Generated is transmitted onshore and connected into the grid for both commercial and domestic end users.

Floating Storage and Regasification Plant (FSRP) solutions allow diverse use of fuel (LNG, Bio-LBM, H2 and other fuels), providing security of supply with options for continuous operations for island locations not connected to the mainland grid or coastal mainland grid requirements.

The benefits are mainly reflected in:

  • The improvement of environmental footprint
  • The promotion of RES introduction to the local and national electricity grid
  • The fast deployment of Power Generation Units in areas which are needed and
  • The cost-efficient energy generation and hence, the reduction of associated levies and subsidies

BLUE SEA POWER integrated floating energy solutions provide an environmentally friendly, robust, modular and deployable solution using and blending LNG/Bio-LBM and H2 with high efficiency engines from 48 to 200MW configuration.

FSRPs use proven technical solutions that present commercially beneficial solutions

In general terms, FSRP’s benefits are:


  • Mature LNG/Bio-LBM supply or dual fuel security or H2 blending
  • Proven technology systems and blocks/systems
  • Modules fabricated, tested, commissioned and operated at the yard


  • Shorter Permitting Period
  • Operational time from 16-20 months for the gas engines or 24-30 months for the CCGT options
  • Low Execution Risk with Complete Facility Construction/Testing in an industrial shipyard quality-controlled environment and assurance supervision by tier-1 Classification Society
  • Overall higher quality and faster lead time vs. onshore power plants


  • CFPP Facility can be redeployed to another location
  • Movable on demand/seasons
  • Higher asset security from natural disasters, wars, political country risk
  • Re-installed with Higher Residual value and more attractive to investors


  • Lower CAPEX & therefore a lower generation of kWh unit price in comparison with onshore HFO/diesel power plants and/or FSRP for providing gas when comparing costs utilizing high efficiency state of the art engines and GHG reduction technology modules.
  • Reduced LNG/Bio-LNG price via direct LNG/Bio-LNG import using own integrated LNG storage tanks saves cost and increases benefits for end users and provides higher returns for local participants
  • Controlled fabrication conditions for optimum quality, CAPEX and cost effectiveness
  • LNG storage and bunkering hub provides additional local labor and revenues streams


  • Environmentally friendly fossil fuel and blending capability with alternate fuels. Almost Zero PM, Sox, CO2 and very low Green House Gas emissions compliant with the EU IED and BAT regulations. Blending capability with Bio-LBM and H2
  • Minimized environment effect/impact around the plant site
  • Minimum particle matters and Solution for disposal of waste ashes
  • Environmentally friendly fossil fuel. LNG has almost Zero PM, Sox, and very low Green House Gas emissions and blending capability with Bio-LNG and H2
  • FSRP is moored at the coast and is potentially more aesthetic to the local community as an onshore facility

Project execution

Check out our plans to deploy our solution in Greece